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Advanced Script Editor Documentation


Advanced Script Editor does not require any installation - it is designed to be as portable and lightweight as possible. To use it, unzip the .zip archive to any location on your hard-drive. You can start Advanced Script Editor by double-clicking AdvancedScriptEditor.exe. The editor will now appear when you open a script in 3D Rad.


Script Editor
Advanced Script Editor's main feature is the script editor. It will automatically syntax highlight your script as you type, and will display suggestions (similar to Intellisense). Alternatively, you can show the suggestion box by pressing Ctrl+Space.

Functions List
The functions list is a list displaying all the functions in the 3D Rad Script Object Reference. To add a function to your script, double-click the function in the functions list.

Favourites List
The favourites list is a list that can contain your favourite functions. To add a function, right-click on the function in the function list, and select 'Add to Favourites'. To remove a function, right-click on the function in the favourites list, and select 'Remove from Favourites'. To add a function to your script, double-click the function in the favorites list.

Description Pane
The description pane displays the description of the function currently selected in the functions/favorites list. At the moment, only some functions have descriptions. You can also change the currently displayed description by typing the function into the text box (just above the description pane).

Right-click Menu
The right-click menu for the editor is also very useful, as it can add a comment block, variables, if() elseif() else() loops, while() loops, and add operands for the loops. It also gives access to the Editor Options.

Editor Options
Currently, the only option available is whether to display the autocomplete/suggestion box automatically, or only when you press Ctrl+Space. However, more options are expected in the next release.

Development History

Update v1.0: Reuploaded the project - now bug-free (hopefully).

Update v1.1: You can now double-click to add to the script, also added a description panel. So far only nine functions in list, adding more soon.

Update v1.2: Extended the list of functions to include the whole of the first section in the Script Object Reference, and added a search box (with autocomplete).

Update v1.3: This is my last minor update. There is now full functionality with the current functions - descriptions and everything. The next major update, v2, will include all the functions from the Script Object Reference.

Update v2.0: All functions from the Script Object reference have been added, you can now right-click on a function you don't recognise to search the function list for a description, and second search box above the first can be used to search your script. You can also change the default fonts for the script editor, description pane, and function list via the Options menu. There is also support for the tab key.

Update v2.1: Still haven't managed to implement coloured comments, but I'm close. In the meantime, you can change the colour of the text using the buttons to the far right, just above the editor. There is now search capabilities for every single function in the Script Object Reference, as well as a new right-click menu, allowing you to add if() loops, ints, floats, and strings.

Update v2.2: The tab key is now fixed, the editor now opens in its maximized state, a favourites list has been added, an option to attach a semi-colon to the end of a command has been added, you can now add a comment box by right-clicking, and some operands have been added to the right of the editor, along with three empty lists for mgear :).

Update v2.3: The colours for variables now work, along with a button to update them ('Detect Variables'). You can now resize the favourites list and the functions list by dragging the grey line that separates them up or down - the same applies for the objects lists. An incomplete help file is now included. You can now select any font installed on your system. I've included a simple icon, I'll probably change it as I update. Also, the operands are now in the right-click menu.

Update v2.4: File saving/loading is now available in the 'File' menu, automatic favourites saving is now available in the 'Options' menu, filename is now displayed in the title bar, along with a * to indicate whether or not the file has been saved. The three objects list now load from the "objectslist.txt", "objectslistins.txt", and "objectslistouts.txt" files in the 'ScriptEditor_bin folder'.

Update v2.5: A couple of minor fixes for the titlebar/filename, shortcut keys for New, Open, Save, and Save As, and a second exe which accepts command-line parameters.

Update v2.6: Very minor update, mainly some fixes for the automatic variable detection.

Update v2.7: Automatic variable detection is now perfected - no more 'Detect Variables' button, and your font and colour preferences are now saved when you exit.

Update 2.8: Autocompletion - 'nuff said :D. Flicker-free variable detection (mostly) which now includes Vector3s and Quarternions, bools, doubles, trues and falses. Also, ScriptEditor.exe can now be run directly with mgear's mEditorHijacker. Still a bit buggy, so any feedback appreciated. Enjoy.

Update 2.9: This isn't much of an update, but it comes with the Updater (the 'Help > Check for updates' doesn't do anything yet, you must run Update.exe manually). Simply hit the check for updates button in Updater.exe - if there is an update available, it will display it in the 'Available Updates' list. You can then hit 'Update' to download the file (make sure that ScriptEditor.exe is closed first). Once ScriptEditor is updated, a set of release notes will be displayed in the text box at the bottom of the program.

Update 3.0: Finally, the new Version 3! For more info on this release, see this post.

Update 3.0.1: This version allows you to change which version of the Script Object it works with by changing the AdvancedScriptEditor.ini file. It you are using Script v1.36, this update is not necessary.

Update 3.0.2: Bug fix in the AutoIt script.

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