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Advanced Script Editor makes it easier for 3D Rad coders to write scripts. Developed in C#, it features autocompletion (like Intellisense), a functions list, a favourites list, objects lists, variable detection, and more!

Important Note
If you're using a 64-bit operating system, please read this post.

Latest News

Development Restarted - 3 March 2013, by EbenezerEdelman
I have started working on this project after development stalled some two years ago. I can't promise anything yet, but I am hopeful that the next release will significantly improve upon the very buggy window management (by doing away with the AutoIT script) and hopefully make the interface more intuitive. I also have access to both 32-bit and 64-bit machines, so can hopefully resolve the problems that plagued 64-bit users in version 3.

Future Plans - 11 November 2010, by StarKiller53861
Advanced Script Editor is pretty much complete. I still plan to add a few more features to the editor, maybe tidy up the code a bit, but other than that there's not really much to be done.

The End of an Era - 11 November 2010, by StarKiller53861
Version 2.9 marked the end of an era for Advanced Script Editor. From v3.0 and upwards, Advanced Script Editor is no longer a stand-alone application, from the end-user's point-of-view. Although it is still be an application independent of 3D Rad, and not endorsed or supported by 3D Rad, it has, for all intends and purposes, become "integrated" with the current 3D Rad Script Object. This has been accomplished by using an AutoIt script, which monitors the state of 3D Rad and controls the behaviour of Advanced Script Editor accordingly. For more, have a look at the screenshots of v3.0 in this post on the 3D Rad forums.


Advanced Script Editor v3.0 pre-release
This is a pre-release screenshot of Advanced Script Editor v3.0, "integrated" with the current 3D Rad Script Object. Note that some features present in v3.0 are missing in this image (see here for a better idea of what v3.0 looks like).

Advanced Script Editor v2.9
This is a screenshot of Advanced Script Editor v2.9, an old release.

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